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Bluebell Woods Retirement Village 

Wingfield Road, Alfreton/Oakerthorpe

Prospection specialise in the design and development of ethical and sustainable retirement living. Our aim is to alleviate the UK's chronic shortage of retirement accommodation by building retirement communities that support wellbeing and independent living in modern, affordable and well-designed retirement homes.

Recent local reports conducted by Derbyshire Country Council estimate a current shortfall of 1400 retirement homes in Amber Valley (925 retirement living units and 473 units with access to care). We hope to reduce this with the development of  210 retirement homes on the border of Alfreton and Oakerthorpe. 

The village will be designed around a central community hub and club house that includes eateries, a local shop, a spa and opportunities to socialise and exercise. All residents will have access to optional extra assistance such as meals made freshly on site, help around the home and health care.

Each home will be designed to HAPPI and Lifestyle standards and be fully adaptable to in order to fulfil any future needs of the residents.     

Prospection have partnered with a local land owner who wishes the land to be used as a legacy project for the local community. We are also working in conjunction with Alfreton Golf Club to provide additional recreational and social facilities for our potential residents and to further develop the existing services offered by the golf club to local residents and families.

Retirement Villages offer many benefits to their residents such as decreasing loneliness and increasing independence, access to care and social interaction. Retirement Villages also provide benefits to the wider local community by freeing up local family homes, increasing local spend, decreasing traffic, providing positive development, creating employment and reducing the burden on the local NHS and care funds.  

If you would like to know more information on our potential plans please watch our presentation below and if you would like to comment on our Bluebell Woods Retirement Village please email and quote Bluebell Woods.

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